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Workplace Solutions Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, etc.

Disclaimer: The materials provided on this web site by Workplace Solutions, Inc. are intended for marketing of products and services and is intended for informational purposes only. 

Terms & Conditions:
The following Terms & Conditions apply to this proprietary web site. Visitors of this site indicate acceptance of said terms. Content will change periodically and without notice.  It is up to the Visitor to check for updates to these terms and conditions as repeated use indicates acceptance of any changed terms or content represented.


Links:  For your convenience, we have provided links on this site to additional sites we think may be of interest to visitors. They are for reference only. Workplace Solutions, Inc. does not endorse, sponsor or otherwise approve of the content of those sites, and does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of any such site to which we provide a link or which provides a link to the Workplace Solutions, Inc. web site. A link on this site does not represent an endorsement from Workplace Solutions, Inc.  Accessing the links is at the users own risk.

Projects:  Project information is the sole property of Workplace Solutions, Inc. inclusive of but not limited to: project installation or building photos, client names, testimonials and locations. They are not to be copied, saved, shared or used as representation of any participation in the projects or claim to ownership by any outside sources including employees or independent contractors of Workplace Solutions, Inc., past or present.

Manufacturer Photos: Images of vendor products are for representation only as authorized dealers of such manufacturers. Workplace Solutions, Inc. makes no claim to ownership of these products in any way.

Logos: Workplace Solutions, Inc. makes no claim to ownership of any Logos represented on this website, other than their own. All are for representational, resource and informational use only.

Intellectual Property and Copyright: The content of this site, including, without limitation: project photos, client names, graphics, logos, text copy, images, portfolio, web site design and format or any other content are owned by Workplace Solutions, Inc. or are representative of the manufacturers they are authorized to represent and publish as an Authorized Dealer and is representative of the contracts they or their manufacturers hold. They are protected by Copyright under both United States and foreign laws. Unauthorized use of the Content violates copyright, trademark, and other laws. The content, photos and all copyrighted material may not be saved, copied or used in any way without the express written permission of Workplace Solutions, Inc.

Subscription: Voluntarily signing up for our mailing list is at the option of the visitor to the site.  Any and all information is sent to individuals who have requested to receive periodic information including but not limited to the contract furniture and design industry, vendor programs, contracts referenced, new product releases and information on Workplace Solutions, Inc. Anyone wishing to unsubscribe may choose to opt out at any time by contacting Workplace Solutions, Inc. and requesting to be removed from the contact list.

User information provided on the Connect page will be not be shared with anyone outside of our Company without expressed consent and knowledge. Workplace Solutions, Inc. will never sell, distribute or share in any way the contact information provided in either the contact form or subscribe form. By connecting or requesting information the visitor is voluntarily requesting more information or to be contacted either by email, phone, mail or other standard methods of contact by Workplace Solutions, Inc. and none other.

The Products represented are designed to represent many of the furniture options available to our customers. For a complete list or inquiry of products we represent, please contact Workplace Solutions, Inc.  

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