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Solutions for the way people work today.

There has never been a more challenging time for businesses, Workplace can help. 

We're the team that can help. We're passionate about functional design that meets employee and employer goals. Together, we design and outfit your workplace with the furniture and furnishings to represent your brand and produce results.

We know businesses have very unique needs right now...

Passionate about Design     |     Experts in Furniture     |     Obsessed with Service

Meet Maryann Woods

Maryann’s journey embodies the essence of ambition and resilience. From her roots as a driven professional in New York, Maryann seamlessly transitioned into the roles of a military wife and devoted mother, ultimately emerging as a dynamic entrepreneur. 
Fueled by her passion for design—the cornerstone of Workplace—Maryann embarked on her entrepreneurial venture. Despite the challenges of balancing childcare and navigating military deployments, she fearlessly established Workplace Solutions in 2000, drawing upon years of valuable expertise in the design and contract furniture industry.
Throughout her career, Maryann has led design teams to success, spearheading projects for major corporations and small businesses nationwide. Today, Workplace Solutions stands as a thriving enterprise, garnering acclaim across commercial and public sectors throughout the country.
Maryann's leadership has not only shaped the trajectory of the company but has also cultivated a diverse and experienced team. Her collaborative spirit and unwavering determination have led to the creation of a culture of excellence, where each member plays a vital role in the company's success.

Our Specialties

Our Workplace Designers proudly boast degrees in Interior Design, and the roots of Workplace are grounded in the expertise of a Certified Interior Designer.

Unlike some dealers who entrust salespersons or outsource the design process, we stand apart. We bring a distinct approach.

We believe in the significance of design—it's more than just colors and patterns. A degreed professional comprehends work flow, building codes, ergonomics, flammability ratings, and beyond.


Confidence in seasoned expertise is your assurance.

Design & Procurement

Selling furniture is the easy part—what sets us apart is our experience and meticulous process for seamlessly executing projects of any size.


From the intricacies of smaller projects to the complexity of larger endeavors, we've mastered the art. Our proficiency spans logistics, contract execution, planning, safety measures, detailed reports, and unwavering commitment to project completion.


Workplace has successfully executed contracts ranging from $250K to $1,000,000+ in both commercial and Department of Defense sectors. Confidence in execution is what defines us.

Project Management

At Workplace, we bring a wealth of trained skill, experience, and professionalism to the forefront when it comes to the meticulous task of installing office furniture and workspaces.


Trust the process; it's no simple feat, but with our dedicated professionals, your project is in capable hands.

From coast to coast, our expert crews specialize in the seamless installation and reconfiguration of virtually every product make and model. They excel at orchestrating all the intricate details and moving parts, ensuring a smooth and efficient transformation for your workspace.

Installation Services

Transitioning your business while in full operation can be a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. Fear not—we bring the expertise, meticulous plans, well-crafted schedules, and more to ensure a seamless process that keeps your business humming without missing a beat.


Trust Workplace for a highly professional and hassle-free solution, offering everything from a comprehensive relocation plan to on-site supervision, getting your team back to work promptly.

In our world, time is money, and we understand its value in every business, just as we respect its significance in yours.

Relocation Management

Featured Projects

Christopher Newport University -
Trible Library
Hampton Roads Transit

Memphis Sports & Events Center

Priority Automotive

Step into the heart of Workplace, where the magic comes to life, and join us for an exclusive experience.

Discover our remarkable collection of brands while immersing yourself in our high-design furniture selections. Test the waters, discover what's new, and lets spark creativity together!


We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our showroom, where innovation meets comfort, and ideas take flight.

Come visit us.

Our Partners


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Suites 103 -105

Virginia Beach, VA 23454


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